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Generosity filled the hat.

Dynamic Duo: The Twoks →

An interview with Xani Kolac of The Twoks I wrote. Synchronicity!

— 1 year ago
Bohemian rhapsody →

I wrote this about violinist Jenny Scheinman. She plays the Newport Jazz Festival today and tomorrow. 

— 2 years ago

I’m not particularly vocal or toot-my-own-hornish about this but I need to remember that when someone is trying to put their culture-knowledge sac on my head (this happens more than I’d like) it’s ok to say, “I have been studying and writing about music and film (and feeling inside it) for twenty years, publishing for a decade. Just because I’m not a big money-maker and I write for small pubs and for myself doesn’t mean I don’t know what the eff I’m talking about. My finger is on a subtler pulse, one that explores why people make art and who’s doing it in spite of the lack of money available. I’m far more interested in troubadours than revenue-generators and you can hear, taste and smell the difference in the sound.” Ok finto! Now I gotta go write an article about an awesome photographer. Viva art! I’m so lucky to have so many great musicians, artists and cultural pioneers in my life, too. Your creative energy is buoyant and inspiring. Enjoy your day.

— 2 years ago
Folklore hero →

Here’s a piece I wrote about a real life rock ‘n roll fairytale. Expect to love Rodriguez pretty soon. The documentary is pretty great, too.

— 2 years ago